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Model 20

Model 20

Catalytic Wood Stove

The Model 20 delivers impressive heat in a small package transforming your pre-fab or masonry fireplace into a 37,500 BTU efficient catalytic heater with a heating range up to 1,800 square feet. The Model 20 can also be used as a freestanding unit with optional Queen Anne legs. 


Stove Dimensions
21-13/16" H X 27-1/8" W X 23-1/6"D
Minimum Fireplace Dimensions
22" H X 26" W X 16" D
Technical Performance
Heating Capacity 1,200 up to 1,800 Square Feet
EPA Tested Output BTU/H 37,500
Emissions G/H 3.14
Cubic Feet Firebox Volume 1.9
Firewood Length: 15"
Ash Pan: Yes
Blower: Yes
Flue Size: 6"
Efficiency 72% (Using LHV Method)
Stove Weight 395 lbs.

Pre-Fab Approved


Made in the U.S.A.

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