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The KHLDV 400/500 from Majestic is changing the face of fireplace design. Its louverless clean face combined with an expansive viewing area ensures that the incredibly life-like flames are the true focal point in any room. Designed to suit any décor and offered in three standard sizes, the Marquis Clear-View from Majestic is right at home regardless of taste or style. The perfect fire from any angle: no glare, non-reflective ceramic glass provides the clearest view available.

Signature Command™ System
Fits chases with a 24” inside depth
Top vent with 5”x 8” direct vent pipe
Ember bed burner with fiber ceramic logs


Model Number KHLDV400NTSC
Heating Capacity1900
Max BTU/H (Natural Gas)40,000
Dimensions44-15/16 (W)    44-3/8 (H)    23-7/8 (D)
Framing Dimensions 45-5/16 (W)    44-3/4 (H)    23-7/8 (D)
Fire Viewing Area 32" x 30"

Model Number KHLDV500NTSC
Heating Capacity 2500
Max BTU/H (Natural Gas) 50,000
Dimensions 48-15/16 (W)    44-3/8 (H)    23-7/8 (D)
Framing Dimensions 49-5/16 (W)    44-3/4 (H)    23-7/8 (D)
Fire Viewing Area 36" x 30"

Model Number  KHLDV600NTSC
Heating Capacity 3100
Max BTU/H (Natural Gas) 60,000
Dimensions 55 (W)    50-5/16 (H)    24-1/4 (D)
Framing Dimensions 55-1/2 (W)    50-9/16 (H)    24-1/2 (D)
Fire Viewing Area 42" x 36"