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ZCBB Firebox

ZCBB Firebox

Zero Clearance Builder's Box Fireplace

Model ZCBB is a zero clearance universal firebox that comes in two sizes. Install it almost anywhere since no chimney or hearth is required. Customize for the look you want with tile, rock or marble and add a raised hearth if you desire. The ZCBB offers an efficient heat circulating design which keeps warm air flowing. The ZCBB is prewired with thermostat disc and switch installed at the factory. You can add the optional blower at any time and the installation is easy. ZCBB show above in the optional mantel. Corner and flush mount mantels also available. This fireplace is perfectly completed with the addition of Buck Stove Vent-Free Gas Logs.

Model Number NV39ZCBB
Unit Dimensions 35-1/2"H x 39-5/16"W x 19-1/2"D
Framing Dimensions 38-1/8"H x 40-7/8"W x 20-1/4"D

Model Number NV42ZCBB
Unit Dimensions 35-1/2"H x 45-5/16"W x 19-1/2"D
Framing Dimensions 38-1/2"H x 46-9/16"W x 20-1/2"D