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16" Classic Backyard Smoker

 16" Classic Backyard Smoker

With its offset firebox and large cooking chamber it can easily cook for a small family or feed up to 40 people. The double damper system makes it easy to regulate your temperature. From a low 160 degrees for slow smoking to 250 degrees for barbecuing, all the way up to 325 for grilling, this smoker can do it all.

 The firebox dimensions are 16" diameter x 16" long and the cooking chamber dimensions are 16" diameter x 32" long. There is over 660 total square inches of cooking surface. The wheels are 12" diameter and the front shelf is 9" x 30". The 16" Classic comes with two 15" x 15" cooking grates, a 15" x 12" firebox cooking grate, a firebox charcoal grate and a clean out tool for cleaning ash from the cooking chamber and firebox.


Made in the U.S.A.

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